Our research areas are related to reconfigurable antennas, cognitive radio, W/V antenna design, phased arrays, 3D printed antennas, deployable modular antennas for small satellites, high power microwave antennas, software and FPGA controlled antennas, smart antennas, RF harvesting, high power microwave metamaterial based passive and active devices, and RF photonics.

The lab is equipped with a state of the art anechoic chamber that can be used to perform radiation, gain and polarization measurements up to 100 GHz. The antenna laboratory includes several RF sources, network analyzers, and other measuring devices for testing and evaluating a large variety of microwave and millimeter wave circuits. The lab also provides the capability of building any type of planar and 3 dimensional antenna using its laser-etching milling machine and a number of 3D printers.

The COSMIAC facility at UNM has two active satellite tracking and communications ground stations that are operating 24 hours a day tracking and downloading data from active space missions. One of these ground stations is the Mobile CubeSat Command and Control (MC3) ground station. This is one of only five of these ground stations in the US. This advanced system provides the capability to be able to do joint secure communications research while communicating with active spacecraft.

UNM also has a class-10 clean room for satellites and access to several test facilities at Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) under the EPA agreement between AFRL and UNM.

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